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beautiful fences to protect your garden

Do you love gardening? Do you struggle to keep your dog or wild animals out of your garden each year? This is one battle that I could not take any longer. It seemed that the minute my fruits and vegetables were ready to harvest, the animals would get into the garden and destroy or eat them. I finally had enough and talked with a fence contractor about putting up a fence that could keep my dog and the other animals out of my garden. We found a great solution that is not only effective in keeping the pests out, but also looks beautiful around my garden. Find out what types of fences will look beautiful and protect your garden on my site.

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How To Reinforce Vinyl Fencing (So Your Dog Doesn't Dig Underneath It!)

Vinyl fencing is an excellent product for providing long-lasting privacy and a maintenance-free fence around your property. The only thing that can upset it are animals that dig under it, like your dog. When you install your vinyl fence, there are ways to reinforce it and discourage your dog from attempting to dig underneath it and bend the fence panel out of shape (which frequently occurs when dogs dig underneath a vinyl fence).

What to Do Before You Install the Fence

If you dig a one-foot to two-foot trench along your property line, you can install chicken wire in this trench to discourage your dog from digging. The chicken wire has to stand straight up vertically to meet the bottom edge of your new fence. Then bury the chicken wire all the way up to the top.

You may have to do this for each section of your vinyl fence since you will have to place the chicken wire under the bottom edge of each panel and the wire cannot be wrapped around the posts. If you wrap the wire around the fence posts, it leaves weak spots that your dog can dig up and then use his teeth and paws to pull the wire out of the ground. By installing this underground wire fence between the posts, you can staple the ends of the wire sections to the vinyl post covers and then your dog cannot dig up the wire and pull it out.

What To Do After the Fence Is Already Installed

To deter your dog from digging underneath the fence and avoid that bowed-in or bowed-out fence look, buy an extra square post for each fence panel surrounding your yard. Paint the posts to match the visible portions of your fence. Attach these timbers to the posts along the bottom of your fence. Because of their enormous thickness, they help stabilize the fence and your dog would have to be part beaver to chew his way through just to to get to the fence panel's edge.

Another method is to take thinner, wider boards and construct a half fence. This half of a fence is attached to the posts, just like the posts along the bottom, but the wooden half fence protects your vinyl fence up to the point that your dog cannot reach without standing on his or her hind legs (unless you own a Great Dane; then that's another story altogether). The fence is reinforced against both the strong winds and against any attempts your dog might make to scratch, chew, claw or dig his way out of your yard. Contact a fence company, like Allied Fence of Tampa Bay, for more ideas.