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beautiful fences to protect your garden

Do you love gardening? Do you struggle to keep your dog or wild animals out of your garden each year? This is one battle that I could not take any longer. It seemed that the minute my fruits and vegetables were ready to harvest, the animals would get into the garden and destroy or eat them. I finally had enough and talked with a fence contractor about putting up a fence that could keep my dog and the other animals out of my garden. We found a great solution that is not only effective in keeping the pests out, but also looks beautiful around my garden. Find out what types of fences will look beautiful and protect your garden on my site.

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Three Alternatives To Wood Pickets For A Durable Privacy Fence With Less Maintenance

If you want to have an attractive privacy fence, wood pickets are a great option. They are available in a variety of different styles to give you a custom fence adapted to your needs. Wood fences also require a lot of maintenance and care, which is why you may want to use an alternative material like vinyl, metal or composite lumber.

If you want to have the look of wood pickets without the hassles, here are four types of fencing materials that you may want to consider for your home:

1. Vinyl Fencing For A Simple And Affordable Solution

If you want to have an affordable privacy fence, vinyl is a great choice of materials. These systems come in many different styles and can easily be installed. Usually, these fences come in prefabricated sections that are attached to posts. This makes the installation process quick and simple, but limits the custom features you can have added. If you want to have a maintenance-free fence for aesthetics, vinyl is a great choice.

2. More Durability With Aluminum And Metal Fencing Systems

You may want to have a more durable fencing solution for the fence around your home. It may be for the purpose of keeping animals in the yard or keeping them out. Metal fencing comes in many different styles and is a little more durable than vinyl fencing. It is also available in various custom styles to give the fence around your home the look you want.  This is a great material to use if you want to have a fence that adds more security and privacy to your home.

3. Custom Fencing With Composite Lumber For The Look Of Real Wood

Newer composite lumber products are another great alternative to real wood. These materials are made from wood waste and plastics and very durable. They can also have finishes that resemble wood products and can be used to create custom designed fence. If you want to have a custom fence that is made from a wood alternative, composite lumber is a great choice that can be used to create a fence to your exact specifications with custom features and decorations.

These are some of the alternatives available for wood fencing, which can give you a durable and virtually maintenance-free fencing solution. If you want to have a new privacy fence installed for your home, contact a fencing contractor and ask them about some of these great wood fencing alternatives.

To learn more, contact a company like Gatlin Fence Company with any questions or concerns you have.